Morning nightmare / Summer front row seat

The Jacques Cartier Bridge, named after the famous French explorer, is connecting Montréal to it's south shore. Every morning, thousands of workers from the south shore use it.

In the summer, La Ronde (attractions park) presents fireworks shows, which are attended by thousands of Montrealers... from the Cartier bridge, closed for the event every wednesdays and saturdays.


Pat said...

What a glorious sky! And I remember sailing under that bridge on my way to the UK on the Cunard Liner "Corinthia". I thought for sure the funnels of the ship were going to crash into the bridge!

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Mandy said...

nice bridge

Anonymous said...

Very nice photo.

julia said...

interesting, topical, there's local goings on - the sydney harbour 'coathanger' bridge is 75 years old.