Becoming a classic

Montréal has recently been invaded by Starbucks... for my own pleasure. I can't live without my Italian espresso, but in the morning, what's better than a great cup of mild coffee waking you up ?! Yeah, I know, a yoga session.

That Starbucks is the one on Mont-Royal street, crowded by students reading course notes or typing on expensive laptops.


ol said...

C'est vrai. C'est dans les choses qui me manquent le plus. Je ne dis pas que j'étais "addicted" mais j'en profitais. Pense à moi la prochaine fois :-p.

The Toronto Team said...

I hope you don't get as invaded as Toronto has become. Sometimes there are 2 Starbucks on opposite corners. Hey, one of the students you saw may have been my daughter, who goes to McGill. She recently had her wallet stolen at a Starbucks...maybe it was that one. Hold onto your wallet!