Number 24 : a quiz

The series of pictures I went in yesterday continues, but not for so long. That piece of memory is still fresh to every Montrealer, real ones I mean, even if it's been 14 years since then.

Come to think about it... I could make it a quiz. What is shown on the picture ?

(true, the idea of a quiz comes directly from my DP friend's Grenoble Daily Photo)


Bleeding Orange said...

Merci pour la pub !
As you are a huge hockey fan, I guess it has something to do with this sport.I know that "Le Club de Hockey Canadien" (aka "Montreal Canadiens") is the official Montreal's team, so maybe it's a trophy they won.

Anonymous said...

It looks like gold to me but I suspect it is highly polished brass. I don't know much more than that.

lynn said...

A brass plaque for all the Canadians who got a hole in one that year. lol. i don't know. Like the pic though a lot!

MatP said...

J'suis pas un vrai montréalais, pis je le sais!

Luc said...

Good guess bleeding orange ! Good guess abraham lincoln ! Nice try lynn :0)

In fact, it is a close up of the Stanley Cup, which shows the names of the latest Montreal Canadiens team that won it. Each year, the Stanley Cup used to be awarded to the best hockey team of the NHL (National Hockey League). More info at : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stanley_Cup