Tasty garden

Back in town from fabulous trip in Northeastern USA.

The garden still is full of tomatos; lovely cherry tomatos !


Nathalie said...

What an intriguing photo!
How did you do that ? I don't quite get it. Love it!

Anonymous said...

That looks like it is floating in water. Nice shot.

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Brookville Daily Photo

Luc said...

To answer the question, nathalie, I had this tomato on the table and captured it sizing depth of field really tight in front of it, and right behind it. Using the "macro" function on most digital cameras will do the same thing, more or less.

Susan said...

Interesting. The tomatoe almost appears to be suspended in air!

Annie said...

It looks like it's sitting on water - a Jesus tomato. But I decided it was really on a glass tabletop - and then I came to post and saw that this had all be worked out before I got here. It's an intriguing photo. Well done.

Fabrizio ikol22 said...

I honestly like all your photos. They're unconventional and I love this "blow of new". However this one it's really great !!!