For sure that animal needs to eat a little more. Why is it the way it is ? It seems to be an emblem to a famous private corporation which I will leave unknown for now.

I just happened to ask me... why ?

Cet animal a besoin de manger davantage ! Pourquoi est-il représenté ainsi ? Il semble être l'emblème d'une compagnie privée reconnue, que je laisserai dans l'anonymat pour l'instant.

Je me suis juste demandé... pourquoi ?


Sanctus Belle said...

It seems to me that in order for a thing to be art it must be ugly. That is for our modern times, not so in the past when people posessed something of true wisdom.

• Eliane • said...

Whah?? It is not ugly, Belle!!! :(
Je suppose que tu n'es pas un fan de Giacometti alors?