Pretty in pink

As promised, the pictures on MDP will take a turn to St-Denis street for a few days... at least ! As a first shot, I propose this model shop, which is to be honest on Sherbrooke street corner St-Denis. But I think it gives a great look of what you can find if you shop around the corner. Who wouldn't need that nice blue model in the back ?

And the camera is working again, so the break is over !

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Lynette said...

Fun, pure fun! If I had large enough rooms, I'd have to have a person or two and that PINK poodle. Of course, I imagine I'd need quite a bit of money, too. Ah, well, I'll make do with my collection of little china pooches and a wonderful group of small African American jazz musicians--my shelves are well-filled.

I eagerly await the rest of the street.