One step at a time [MdP 300th post]

Une marche à la fois [La 300e photo de MdP]

Yes it's almost been a year since I went on with the idea of a daily blog about this city, Montreal. I must say it is a difficult task, regarding of the fact it is a constant one, but all you visitors keep encouraging... and it works ! Thank you all for visiting day after day, I really mean it !

Oui, déjà presque un an que l'idée a germé d'un petit blog sur cette ville, Montréal. Je dois dire que c'est une tâche difficile, en ce qu'elle doit être constante, mais les visiteurs continuent de m'encourager... et ça fonctionne ! Merci à vous tous de visiter quotidiennement, je le pense vraiment !


Pat said...

I call Montreal, "The City of Stairs" as I see these long flights of stairs up the front of all the houses each time I visit. This is a lovely photo and don't you dare think of giving up your blog!!!


Guelph Daily Photo, Pat's Photo-a-Day

ol said...

Continue comme ça, je ne manque jamais au rdv.

Bob McInnis said...

Bravo ! 3c what an accomplisment and what dedication. I look forward to the photo and commenatry everyday. We are plannin a move from Calgary to Montreal in 2009 so I really appreciate the neighbourhood pics. Thanks

Bobbie said...

Congratulations on your one year Anniversary. I really enjoy your pictures; Montreal is a very beautiful city.