John Cusack and The Factory

The new upcoming movie with John Cusack, The Factory, will be out in 2009. And guess where they are shooting ?! Montréal will serve as Buffalo, NY, for the movie.

So here is an exclusive shot of The Factory, as every photograph near the set up is pressed to leave by policemen and guards. I might get back there soon and get you more pictures !

Le nouveau film mettant en vedette John Cusack, The Factory, sortira sur nos écrans en 2009. Et devinez où ils tournent ?! Montréal servira de Buffalo, NY, pour les besoins du film.

Donc voici une photo exclusive de The Factory, car tout photographe qui exhibe sa caméra à quelques mètres du plateau voit des policiers et des gardiens s'agglutiner pour le convaincre de ne pas capturer d'images de la scène. Donc bientôt, je rapporterai d'autres photos !


laurie said...

more cusack, less factory next time!

Pat said...

Very interesting to see!


Guelph Daily Photo, My Photos.

Jana said...

Great shot, hopefully you can get more!

Andrée said...

so that's how they do it! I looked at the large one and tried and tried but never saw Cusack! LOL They actually made a real movie here, too, just six miles from me. But nobody seemed to care, and I never got there myself. Genevieve Bujold was there too.

Sanjay said...

Hay gay great shot how so looking beautifull and this is my first comment good lukc Thank all ..

WindBlowerTM said...

Montreal Daily Photo – MDP

Thank you so much for posting this Post. I am deeply looking forward to this movie (actually it can’t come quick enough). It must be very surreal seeing a movie in the making, the actual hard work which so many come together to produce, a magnificent task.
May you have such a lovely day and evening.
K - WindBlower

E said...

why wouldnt they just shoot it in Buffalo?