Perfect eggs-ample

Parfait eggs-emple

More and more, people try to get used to new ways of eating eggs. The omelette is getting really popular in Montréal as I can see in different restaurants menus, particularly at dinner time. Here is one I made yesterday evening. Try it with cheddar and salsa !

De plus en plus, les gens essaient de nouveaux moyens de manger des oeufs. L'omelette devient vraiment populaire à Montréal si je me fie aux menus de différents restaurants, particulièrement à l'heure du dîner. Voici celle que je me suis confectionnée hier soir. Essayez avec cheddar et salsa !


Kris McCracken said...

See, now I want to eat!

Always a good sign when viewing photographs of food!

Flüge said...

This dish looks so yummy! Awesome, I´ll give it a try tonight. Thanks for the inspiration!

Paul said...

Nice looking meal, looks really tasty. Good colours in the photo too.