All-Stars week #1

This week-end was the NHL All-Stars game's in Montréal! Every single talented player came in the city to show what they were capable of... and at MDP it will be a special week (the All-Stars week) commemorating the huge celebration that's been happening in Hockey town!

Ce week-end avait lieu le Match des Étoiles de la LNH, à Montréal! Toutes les vedettes talentueuses de la ligue avaient rendez-vous pour montrer ce qu'elles avaient dans le ventre... et à MDP, la semaine à suivre commémorera les célébrations qui ont eu lieu dans la ville du hockey!

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laurie said...

we watched the opening ceremony (and part of the game) on tv. we love cirque eloize! saw them in montreal several years ago.

and we loved the gospel choir, singing "oh canada."

gospel in french. you just don't hear that every day of the week.