Taste it before it's gone

Take some snow in your hand, smell the cold temperature which is around -35C. It's all about to change this weekend ! Warm days ahead.

The street you see in the picture is one of the well known "Plateau Mont-Royal", the district for artists and people that love to say they come from that district (if you see what I "mean"... :0)


ol said...

-35°c !
ouach !
here in belgium, we're about 10-15°C !
it's already spring here.
flowers on trees, etc.

Susan said...

Hopefully we have seen the last of our snow here near Vancouver. This year we had alot. I enjoyed it though, made for some wonderful photo ops!

Luc said...

Yeah you're right Susan... I should not complain about having lots of snow. But I'm ready to show some Montréal without it.... :0)